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BINGO: Balls, Booze and Lubricant!

Last weekend we were back for anther round of Drag Queen Bingo at Moose Lodge 1336!!! The ladies of the Moose decided a few years back to ask ClanAnn to host Bingo and on February 2, 2019 it was standing room only! Carol Ann loves to watch the balls toss around in the giant BINGO console while Sharron mingles and brings smiles to all the new faces. In this shining moment they are trying to decide who can open their mouth father. Naturally Carol Ann won that one!!!

Under the watchful eye of Bullwinkle the girls duel to see who has a bigger mouth.

We played so many games of BINGO that nearly everyone's daubers were dry, but not to worry the Ladies of the Moose had lots of Lubricant available as prizes (as well as vibrators, penis extenders and sex games). The crowd left satisfied, supple and sexually charged. After the games it was time for photos. Here are a few of them.

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