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The Dirty 30!


Who would have ever thought putting my twenties to rest would have been so much fun!!! A HUGE THANK YOU to my sister, Carol Ann Carol Ann, for setting it up!

The Show and Roast were beyond hilarious! Ferocia Couture came out of retirement to be the Roast Master and some of my favorite local performers and friends joined in on the bashing! I sat there all night taking hits and jabs like I was some  kind of transvestite piñata.

Some of my favorite moments from the night include:

1. Sharing the filthy sex secrets of my college roommate, Erin Lanza, who in turn will probably sue my ass for spreading her business wider than she spreads her legs.

2. Telling Sakura Bee Love that she looked like a Dollar General Barbie Doll that got left on a heater.

3. Referring to Ferocia Couture has fat, huge, voluminous, & pointing out that she  losing the war with anorexia!

4. Exposing that working with Carol Ann Carol Ann is like working with a squirrel who ingested 2 grams of ecstasy!!

I'll tell you, it's a night that I'll never forget!!! I can't thank everyone enough; roasters, performers, and everyone who came out, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I'll never forget seeing Carol Ann Carol Ann's fully dilated asshole after she was flung off the mechanical boar! That's just something you can't un-see!

To the staff at the Pig Pen, We love you and thank you for taking such great care of us!!!



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