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"Carol Ann has a giant mouth.  She sure does breathe loud."

Buck Nekkid, Nudist Weekly

"ClanAnn was great!  I laughed and laughed when Sharron puked on a guy!!"

Tony Baloney, The Sun

"ClanAnn is so funny! I laughed so hard, I cried! So much dick for a drag show!"

Kris, Dinner with the Divas Virgin

There are not enough words to adequately describe Clan Ann, but we will try.  The duo was founded on the streets of Philadelphia in 2011 after an altercation with three prostitutes and a lady cop.  An observant, overly-contoured bystander noticed something special in the girls and offered them hashish and advice.  The hash turned out to be very dirty silly putty but the advice, that advice changed two lives.  And that advice was to never, ever under any circumstances should they show their navels and that they should always dress as twins.

Early the next day the two were off and running.  After finding matching wigs and lots and lots of make-up they spent three days fine tuning their look and the rest is history.  With Carol Ann sewing the dresses and Sharron manning the phone lines the bookings came fast and the girls road the wave of stardom.  Always being girls who burn bridges, Clan Ann was very lonely when their world collapsed after their one and only live-singing show.  Now after a few years of therapy and a fair amount of self-medicating the duo is back and coming to a town near you. 

But seriously, whether solo or together, Clan Ann is fun from beginning to end.  Their unpredictable antics and love of games, broadway and boys make them the perfect pair for any event.  See them soon, laughing is good for your kidneys! 

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