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Dinner with the Divas


Meet the Divas

Sharron Ann Husbands

And then there's this crazy bitch. Sharron is not sure where she comes from (her memory can be rather sketchy at times), but we're pretty sure she escaped from an asylum at some point in time. Her earliest memories are of running around the yard in daddy's high heels... yes, daddy's. She's been running ever since! Her enthusiasm and lust for life are as contagious as that recurring rash she's been treating. Sharron's hobbies include watching submarine races, caber tossing, and analyzing the dreams of Wonton, her pet armadillo. Few people know about her WaWa addiction, including WaWa because she has been using Carol Ann's credit card. She can be found nightly, trolling the aisles for hot black coffee and hot black men. She has a fondness for cheap porn and hosts a weblog called "" featuring her tattoo of Mr. Jankowitz, her 8th grade history teacher. She has all her own teeth.
The only thing larger than her colossal alcohol consumption is her heart! Always ready to strut her wares for a charity, her monumental efforts on behalf of ESU LGBTQ students, The PA Diversity Network, and The Relay for Life have not gone unrecognized.
Clearly, this gal is a big ole pile of talent and she is ready to spread it all over you. Buckle up, it's gonna be  one helluva ride!

Carol Ann Carol Ann

Carol Ann Carol Ann was conceived at a 4th of July fireworks exhibition where the "Ooo's" & "Ahhh's" were not about the size of the fireworks, and born on the "Carousel of Progress" ride at the 1964 New York World's Fair. True to her roots, she never left the decade and brings a mod style to every Divas event. As a young girl, Carol Ann enjoyed string art, chewing gum, and boys. She proudly reports that as a senior in high school, she came close to a concussion choking down her first White Russian while her sister, Sharron Ann Husbands, prefers Black Russians. She currently lives on a quaint Pocono farm with her husband, Charlie, where they enjoy animal husbandry and nudity. While she's often referred to as the Bingo Queen of PA, those close to her say this simply because of her infatuation with daubers. She is known for her quick wit and pretty lips. Rumors of her drinking problem are greatly exaggerated.

Mabel Syrup

Better known as Ms. Bacon Festival 1987, Mabel is a local gal and a Diva favorite. Raised by moonshiners in rural PA, she is most known for her ridiculous comedy parodies and spending time in Lehigh County Prison for jaywalking charges. Mabel is fluent in all marching band languages and studied at Miss Candy's School of Tap, Jazz, & Baton for the Hefty and Plus Sized. She collects rare photos of animals with objects on their heads... No, seriously.
For fun, Mabel raises Venus Fly Traps and takes her pet Mink, named Stole, for long walks on the beach... who says chubby girls only walk to the buffet line?
Mabel loves Brussels sprouts, has one inverted nipple, and had a one night stand with Milton Berle. She is ready to entertain you... the question is, are you ready for her? 

Brittany Lynn

Brittany Lynn is happy to be joining Dinner with the Divas because, after all, she does love dinner! She is also a self proclaimed millionaire, philanthropist super-queen who enjoys reading, writing, and arithmetic. Other interests are hairy men, fresh pasta, hairy women, and meatballs made from tofu. Coming to us from Philadelphia, Brittany adds a fresh perspective to Divas (mainly because she is 7'8" tall). Her big city antics are well recorded in several books and periodical series. The most notable entitled: "Brittany Lynn: Jay Walking Across 'Merica!"

Elektra Fearce St. James

Getting her start at the age of 6 after winning a Catwoman look-a-like contest, Elektra went on to become a world renowned Asian gymnast.  She holds the world record for most cartwheels in a drag career, doing more flips than a Cirque Du Soleil show with less casualties than Seigfried and Roy. Elektra is an expert in Kung Fu where her trademark ponytail is a registered lethal weapon. In 2009, she took over the drag scene by winning Miss Stonewall, Miss Diamonz, Miss Gay Allentown PA America, and Miss Gay PA America. Her hobbies include Grindr, Southern Comfort, and LARPing where she unleashes her inner woman by launching penis-shaped arrows at ass-shaped targets. Elektra is also part of an underground comic book cult where Storm is her Lord and Savior. This queen is a force to be reckoned with, so pop a few dramamine and get ready for a flippin' performance!

Zsa Zsa St. James

Zsa Zsa St. James is new to Dinner with the Divas but she is no stranger to a scandal. Her first run-in with the law came when she was a teenage boy living in Camden, NJ. As part of a criminal gang called DP-9+, she is well known to the police force across the country. Attempts to deport her have been unsuccessful because she is a U.S. citizen, but the authorities continue to try. Her high energy performances and ability to run really, really fast are two if her finest characteristics. Her favorite cocktail is a well chilled juice box and she loves to eat but finishes every meal with a DISCREET purge. She never turns down a breath mint.

Estella Sweet

Known mostly for seasoning her food with Epson salt, Estella Sweet is sassy, large, and in charge (due to her illegal stash of growth hormones). She has quite the reputation; she's held several titles including Miss Gay PA at Large and was a finalist in Mimi Imfurst's Drag Wars in Philadelphia.

When not performing at HEAT NEPA (Wilkes Barre, PA), Estella can be found at the local movie theater where she collects things she finds on the floor to create Mosaics. Estella enjoys whale watching, vacuuming, and Cow tipping. She is President to a board game club, where she plays Clue with herself and seldom wins. She prefers men with an astigmatism.

Estella Sweet is NEPA's most notorious drag queen and she is beyond excited to join the cast! She is ready to thrill you, drill you and fulfill you!


Aida Stratton

Aida Stratton is a one woman tour-de-force. She has won the triple crown of drag -- Miss Understood, 2017; Miss Represented, 2015; and Miss DeMeaner, 2013.  She is the only performer to ever win all three of these coveted titles.  Her life long dream has been to be able to finish a foot-long hot dog in one sitting.  Unfortunately Aida was born with an undersized stomach which prevents her from eating adult sized portions. Her favorite food is gum and her drink of choice is Robitussin DM. 

In her free time she likes to volunteer as a Lithuanian/English translator in the penal system which is where she first met Sharron and Carol Ann.  Her relationship with the two is often a confusing one, but the Ann's have agreed to stop putting laxatives in her applesause and Aida has generously agreed to overlook the Ann's makeup.


Billy Storm is a one-woman force of nature and is one of the areas foremost plant rights activists.  Ms. Storm has led the worldwide crusade to end Poinsettia abuse. Few people are aware of the abuse these holiday plants suffer at the hands of breeders and dealers.  Billy knows and she has been called to action.  When prompted Billy will explain in grave detail the life span of the typical Poinsettia, all the while comparing it to her own life and sucking down Miller Lites.  Her love of Lite is legendary as is her awkwardness at funerals where she’s been known to kiss a corpse or two.  When asked about her life dreams she replied, “It’s a fucking nightmare!"


Billy Storm

Aloe Vera brings a breath of garden fresh air to Divas.  Although she comes to us from Philadelphia, her heart is at the Jersey Shore where she likes to spend her days beach combing, boy watching and frolicking.  It’s the frolicking that has gotten her into the most trouble.  She is well-known for her unique make-up blending technique which involves kitchen sponges, a spray bottle, raincoats and tequila. The tequila helps her forget.  When she’s not hosting shows, entertaining the troops, or fund raising she can be found feeding the poor, nursing the sick and providing oral to complete strangers.  That vacant stare isn’t an act, its real…very real.


Aloe Vera
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