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Dinner with the Divas!

Dinner with the Divas is this Sunday and boy are we excited! Auntie Mabel fashioned some new dresses for us to rock and we have quite the opener planned for you! We are so excited to work with Zsa Zsa St. James and we can't wait to take her #DWTD virginity. Poor Brittany Lynn came down with the chicken pox and had to drop out so Billy Storm is filling in!!! Doors open at 4:30pm and Seating begins at 5:00pm!

#ClanAnn is performing a "never been done before" duet that Carol Ann is dreading more than applying Preparation H to her low dangling hemorrhoid. Sorry Sis <3

We are also doing some solo numbers that should be a hoot. Sharron Ann spent way too money and Carol Ann is looking forward to showing everyone her privates. We both have been practicing very hard to look like the idiots you see on stage! It's really hard work!

This show is SOLD OUT! So stay tuned for our next Dinner with the Divas, which will be some time in the Spring. Get your tickets here at <3


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