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World F*ckin Pride

2019 marks the 50th year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots which started the LGBTQA rights movement. #ClanAnn has showed off our Pride all month long starting off will Bingo with our Ladies at the Moose Lodge in Stroudsburg. These ladies love it when we call "0 69" because they get to moan like their husbands can't make them...

This year, we are gettin' our Pride on and appearing at all the Pride celebrations that will have us. We started off with Pride on the Riverfront and boy did we have fun. Carol Ann Carol Ann got us some free drinks and that's when the party really started. Performing on the stage with the sun starting to set and the wind attempting to blow through my nappy ponytail, it was Kodak moment dying to be captured. On the walk back to the car, we had the chance to meet some great people enjoying their delicious looking dinners as they sat out door of some Easton's downtown hot spots. Carol and I attempted to play a fierce gay of tag but my titty popped, splashing the feet of innocent by standers. My second tit popped a few feet further and I looked like I just got off the Sklush at Knoebel's... Carol Ann had a wet tush the whole way home!

Then we kicked off our World Pride Weekend with the PRIDE Bash at The #Stonewall Lehigh Valley! It's always great to perform in a place that just knows, loves, and accepts you for who you are! So naturally, Carol Ann and I played a few rounds of shot for shot with piss warm cherry vodka in a dirty rocks glass. We were a bit sauced and when we got out there, Carol Ann almost shat herself. We celebrated PRIDE, Birthdays, and the engagement of twinks who performed some soft porn for everyone mid show. Those boys did have the smoothest little fannies...

... And now we sit and wait patiently for the god damn UPS man to bring us our new size 13s so we can get on the road and head to the big apple for WORLD F*CKIN' PRIDE!!!! It's such an honor to be apart of the first World Pride event in NYC. Catch us tomorrow (June 29) on the Community Healing Street Festival, 37 W 20th St (Btw 5th and 6th). Our call time is 5:20pm! Come party with us at World Pride! Hurry up Mr. Postman, we want to get on the damn road!


Love and Love LOUD!!!


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