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Duet Again

We kicked off 2019 with a trip to Franky Bradley's in Philadelphia and did one of our favorite shows, Duet Again.  We stayed in the very luxurious Doubletree right there in the gayborhood.  After our sound check with DJ Wolf we headed out into the night and right into a bottle of Stoli Vanil.  When we stopped into U Bar we got the warmest welcome from the our dear friend, and bar master, Hot Tony who poured us man-sized shots of the Stoli nectar.  Then it was off to a packed Knock for more hellos, hugs and vodka.  One last stop at the all-new Tabu, where Sharron made a pitstop in the ladies room.  When we stumbled back to Franky B's it was nearly show time but we knew we had to have our traditional Margarita  with a highly salted rim.  Next thing we knew it was time for the show to start.  Well, we had a packed house and the show flew by and before we knew it we were back at U Bar and Tony and that's when it started to snow.  So we headed back to the hotel where we GrubHubbed a car load of Taco Bell.  Yes, its true, we spend $63.48 on Taco Bell.  Sharron has been extra gassy ever since and I have sworn off Pickled Jalapenos and corn.  Thanks Philly, you rode us hard and put us away wet!

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