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Kissing Cousins Haunt Our Halloween

Even though Sharron Ann and I are loud ladies, often pushing the envelope to dangerous heights, we haven't spoken much of our families. And for good reason!! There is a branch in our family tree that spreads all the way to Deep Swallow, West Virginia which is where our "Country" cousins live. They believe in god and country and quilting and crafts and scrapbooking. They collect Cracker Barrel Menus and have traveled to every single CB location. Now, we think these gals are just fine...when they stay in West Virginia, but this year they decided to surprise us by coming up for Halloween. We were busy working at Stonewall for the annual Thursday Halloween party when we looked across the bar and saw this.

Now as if that wasn't the worst of it, when we got home they had gotten into our kitchen and they were skinning a squirrel and readying a crock pot.

This was followed by Sheila's attempt to be a blow-up doll while Sandy shows the mouth that earned her the nickname, Deeper Throat.

Thankfully, the girls are back in their corner of Deep Swallow, WV, incest capital of the world! We wish them well and ask that they call ahead next time. #solongbitches

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