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So much going on!

We’ve had many adventures since we saw you. And we thought our first blog post would be a great way to catch you up.

Carol Ann has been studying French Cooking while Sharron Ann has been studying French Kissing. We both like to share our new skills with our friends and, in Sharron’s case, perfect strangers. Carol Ann has become intimate with snails, something not often spoken of in polite company.

We spent a lot of time at Rainbow Mountain Resort where we hosted 3 Pool Shows. The first one was completely rained out and we did a night show in the club. That meant all of our day drinking went to waste! Our second show was Fourth of July and it was too darn hot and then it poured. Someone left the cake out in the rain and everything went south from there. We finished that day on the patio with 15 hotties in wet bathing suits lip syncing for their lives! The third pool party was a perfect day for drag queens in velour. It was 106 in the shade and our lash glue melted before we had our second margarita. We ended swimming with a fun group of Costa Ricans and their friend Mary Jane. My goodness is she a good time girl!!

Our next show is tomorrow and its supposed to be a hot one. Sharron has her boobs in the freezer now and Carol Ann has removed all traces of body hair. All traces!!!

See you later in September at Two Rivers Brewery in Easton. And, ringing in Homecoming at ESU in October.

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