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When you gotta go, you gotta go!!

Last weekend Sharron and I had the pleasure of performing at ArtsQuest's Oktoberfest in Bethlehem. In the shadow of the rusty Blast Furnaces we performed before a HUGE crowd. We performed alongside Elektra Fearce St. James, Georgia Versace Courture and Alexis Givenchy! The crowd went nuts for every performance of the night, but the crowning moment for ClanAnn came after the show when, filled with several Rose Kennedy's we found ourselves having to pee and not a hopper to be found. Now a classy pair of ladies would have held it, or found a discreet way to handle business, but we're not really the classy type are we.

I'll let the words of the event director speak for themselves:

A final and special thank you to Clan Ann, who gave me the indelible image of two drag queens peeing in the bushes behind the tents, one in a full squat. Much respect.

Photographic Evidence Below

Oh yeah, we bumped into Emily too!!

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