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ESU Homecoming Drag Show

Wow! The last few weeks have been soooo much fun! I guess I'm here to fill you up... I Mean, fill you in...

Carol Ann spent 2 weeks in St. John where she and her husband, Charlie, drank, ate, and skinny dipped to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Which makes their relationship 3 months older than me. Congratulations Sis & happy anniversary, you 60 year old matress!

I on the other hand, have done nothing but take care of my cactus, perfect my rice pudding recipe, and play Mario Kart in the nude while I'm surrounded by cats. #lifegoals

Anyway, it's October and it's our favorite month for 2 reasons: pumpkin pie & the East Stroudsburg University Homecoming Drag Show!!!! This is our 8th year back at #ESU and we love our #Warriors! It's all happening tonight at 8pm in Abeloff (Across from #Wawa)! Afterwards, we'll be hitting up #Floods for a #Swiftkick!

Carol Ann just finished shaving her back, I almost drew my eyebrows on even!

Warriors, #ClanAnn is coming for you!!!

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